Acoustic Show July 6th

On July 6th we’ll be playing a light acoustic set at Even Flow for the Save Even Flow, For The Love of Music Benefit Show. Come down and show support for Even flow owner, Danny, and for the scene itself! 
Below is a blurb about the financial set backs Even Flow has right now. Come on down July 6th and give back to the bar that’s done so much for Long Island music. 

In the last 2-3 years Even Flow Bar and Grill has become a well known Venue to Local Long Island Musicians. Owner Danny has made Even Flow home for Local bands to play and get paid without selling tickets to do so. With his Wife currently unemployed and on Workmans Comp and equipment always breaking down they have exhausted all funds from their account and have nobody to turn to for help or a loan. Between refrigeration to their now current PA System Nightmare to Insurance problems Danny is almost ready to give up. Maybe you’re a Pearl Jam Fan or maybe you’re a customer or even a musician. Every dollar collected will be invested properly to make Even Flow a better place for you all. An average of 2-3 fundraisers are thrown here a month. Most recently one to fund a book project called “For The Love of Pearl Jam”. 2 more are coming up. One for a friend who had a stroke and is in need of money for rehab so he can hopefully get out of his wheel chair and walk again. Another a man who’s house burnt completely to the ground and was left with nothing. The man who throws fundraisers all the time now needs his own! Isn’t that Ironic! Please pass this along to all your friends and hopefully we can get to our goal and keep the music of Even Flow alive!

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